What Your Nails Can Say About Your Health

Our body is amazing in every possible way. It always gives us crucial hints before any upcoming health outbreak. The body follows its own language, it shows hints through the fingernails. Your nails are not just for applying nail prints, they serve the purpose of showing tell-tale signs of any abnormalities in the body.

So how are nails mirror to your health? Well, if you’ve ever been to a hospital, you would know that apart from your eyes and tongue, the medical practitioner checks your fingernails and toenails as well. Why do they do that? It’s not a mere formality but a way to ensure that you do not have any underlying disease. Let’s now know what your nails can say about your health.

Yellow nails:

Yellow nails are common and in most of the cases resolve on their own. Your nails can turn yellowish if you wear nail polishes of inferior-quality or if you use acetone nail paint remover. It can also become yellow if you smoke and have a fungal infection. Malnutrition can also cause yellow nails so you need to get diagnosis from a clinic or hospital to find out which deficiency you might have and if you have any serious health-conditions, like thyroid, diabetes, etc.

Pale or light-coloured nails:

Pale or light-coloured nails:

The primary reason for your nails to lose its pigmentation is anaemia, a condition in which the blood cells cannot produce enough haemoglobin due to iron-deficiency. Pale nails can also indicate liver diseases, so do not ignore this nail abnormality.

Cracked nails:

Of course, it’s a sign of weak nails that further hints at the deficiency of iron, calcium, and protein. Your nails can also get fragile due to ageing and not taking enough care of them.

White spots on nails:

Majority of us have encountered white lines on our fingernails at one point of our life. People believe that it is due to lack of calcium but it is partly true. There are various reasons for white lines or spots on your nails. I would like to discuss them in points.

• Nail injury or trauma
• Deficiency of calcium, zinc, and protein
• Cardiovascular diseases
• Kidney failure.

Blue nails:

Your nails turn blue when your red blood cells do not receive enough supply of oxygen. Exposure to cold temperatures can also give your nails a bluish tint. Blue nails can also give an alert on diseases of the heart and lungs.

Observe your nails regularly and get medical advice whenever needed. To get a medical professional’s online appointment visit Best Hospitals in Varanasi.

Published by Himanshu

I am a medical student and my aim is to be one of the best surgeons in India. Until that day comes, I am more than happy to help people find simple and easy understanding of medical issues and solutions.

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